Thursday, 23 October 2014

- healthy shopping plan

  1. How does the article recommend to follow a healthy pathway when shopping at a grocery store/supermarket?
    1. The article recommended that you make a list before shopping based on the healthy meals you might make throughout the week. The article also said that you should visit the outer aisles first, so you can stock up on fruit, veg and other things like bread, then the inner isle and then you can get a treat or two, also some sugar.

  1. We can buy plenty of fruit and vegetables that are frozen or canned. What does the article suggest are the pros (positives) and cons (negatives) of frozen and canned food?
    1. A pro is that frozen and canned food are more convenient and there’s less of a chance of spoilage, but a con is that frozen and canned food are packaged with extra fat and salt.

  1. What other helpful healthy advice does this article give for our grocery shopping?
    1. The article also advises that you could go to farms, orchard, or berry patch where you can pick your own fruit and veg. Also get a treat or two, or else you or your children will stray away and overeat on high-fat and sugar foods.

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