Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Write a Good Comment

LI: to write blog comments that will help us with our thinking and our writing.

Why this is a Good Comment:
Question: Could you tell us what that word meant it would really help?
Thoughtful: I thought that you are very smart to use all those different vocabulary's bu t there was one word that I didn't know.
Experienced Similar: When I was younger I experienced this when I was 9 when I did Roots of Empathy.

Why this is a good comment:
Because it will help the author to improve his post and I can Relate to their experience and I have a Question

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tamaki College the time of my life

Yesterday we went to Tamaki College to do some sports with the students there it was like a physical assessment for the students at Tamaki. I had a blast with my group and instructors because they were fun and they didn't make us do hard stuff but some of it hurt because we played a game that involves two tyres. There were four people and two groups we had to use the two tyres to get to the other side of the  grass with out touching the grass or the concrete. My job was to hop to the other side of the tyre so that the other team mates could stand on that tyre and Setefano had to hop with the other tyre so that we could take turns of having a rest. My team won and they said "we won!" because we worked like a team. I was very proud to be in their team.

The reason I wrote about this experience is because it was very extreme