Monday, 30 June 2014

- matariki poem

The sound of celebration and happiness radiated
delicious smells coated the air;
cultural food and fresh drinks are devoured;
stomachs full, with kai to spare
a legend is told, a quiet hum is heard;
distant relatives bond, singing and dancing
a priceless sky is seen, 400 light years away
the night of a new year
to those who remember their roots

by Danielle

Thursday, 12 June 2014

- greenpeace perspective

What would happen if there was an oil spill in New Zealand?

This is a video made by Greenpeace New Zealand.
Greenpeace is a non-government organisation who campaign for environmental issues.

As you watch consider this:
  • Are Greenpeace for or against oil drilling?
From what I have read, Greenpeace, are definitely against oil drilling. Just by looking at the pictures on the sight, I could tell straight away, that they thought oil drilling is wrong, and should be stopped.
  • What is their point of view?
Greenpeace seem to be very passionate about this subject, the way they present the facts is quite a direct approach. I think that they are looking at this situation is why oil drilling is wrong, that oil drilling should stop it, to protest against it. They are looking at the cost, and the damage, and things like that. Greenpeace seem to be one sided, only looking at the bad facts.
  • Is this realistic?
It depends what your definition for realistic is, personally, I feel that life has its pros and cons, and oil drilling seems to be a major con. But then again I would be a hypocrite to say that oil drilling is bad, since I use a car that runs of gas. Oil drilling is as real as it gets, so yeah, I guess it’s realistic.
  • Do you agree? Why/why not?
If I look at oil drilling on the way it impacts on the environment, not too mention our country, I would have to say I disagree. But oil drilling is how we get petrol, and without petrol there would be no cars, no vehicles that run off of petrol, and frankly I can’t see this world without transportation's like cars, buses, boats. If oil drilling stops, the world as we know it, may change, good or for worse, I have no idea.

MARKING RUBRIC - Highlight the level YOU think you have achieved.

Achieved - L2
Merit - l3
Proficient - l4
Ideas are answered yes/no answers with little elaboration.
Ideas are answered in full sentences with clear explanations for the answer and reference to video
Ideas are answered in full sentences with clear explanations for the answer. Able to explain personal and greenpeace points of view with reference to video and  texts read in class

Friday, 6 June 2014

- resizing images

Today I learnt about resizing images, this is important so pictures will look nice, and presentable.