Thursday, 12 September 2013

About Me

Talofa Lava everyone, my name is Danielle and I am a 12 year old girl nothing really special about me, I am just your average, typical pre-teen.

Well I’m a human girl from planet earth, I live in New Zealand it is such a nice country and yes I am a Kiwi (from New Zealand). I was born on June the 19th 2001, again my name is Danielle I was named after my Dad his name is Dan. The reason I am writing this just incase you wanted to know a little bit about my life.

I would say that I have quite a lot of family. I love them to bits and pieces. They aren't perfect neither am I, but they’re good enough for me. I really love school, but not everyone loves it but I do, I guess one of my dreams is to work with animals I have always loved them.

To start off with i am the middle child the one and only. I had a older brother his name was Trent but he died of cot death, unfortunately i was not able to meet him he would be 18 by now but, back to my family the next eldest is my older sister Taniesha she is 17 then it’s me Danielle oh and i’m 12, after that it’s my little brother Jahsiah and he’s 10. Next my youngest sister Cherise she 8 and that pretty much is all my siblings. Then there is my Mum and my Dad, my mum’s name is Kim and my Dad’s name is Dan. I have a lot more family than that but you would be here till tomorrow so that will be enough for now.

I have been to a few schools three to be exact and as you know love school I have no idea why I just do, my favourite subjects are reading and maths. I'ma year 7 so one more year and I’m gone to college yay.

First of all I have always had this passion and love for animals, since I was little I had this dream to help and care for animals. I just hate seeing animals get hurt, I also just love helping people like when I was a kid i use to play doctor with my older sister. i also have a dream to go to other country’s and help children and care for them like there my brother or sister.

Just imagining where I will be in a few years, off to college hopefully fulfilling my hopes and dreams. I will never forget the schools I went to because they are a big part of my life now because they have taught me most of the stuff I know today. Well that is it i can’t go on and on saying every single detail of my life because we will be here till next week because everyday is another memory.

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. I live in the present, I make it beautiful.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Monster Trucks Activities

Why are monster trucks awesome?
Because; they are massive, they are able to destroy cars.

What is Bigfoot?
Bigfoot is an american Monster truck.

What happens at a monster truck competition?
At a monster truck competition the competitors smash and break cars and whoever destroys it the most (i think) win.

How many monster trucks are in New Zealand?
New Zealand only have one monster truck..

What is the name of the monster truck in New Zealand?
The name of New Zealand’s monster truck is Kiwi Thunder

Explain what the driver does in a monster truck competition

First the driver gets into the Truck. They both start their engines and they try to see how many cars they can crush, which have been supplied by a local car wrecker.

Research what type and size of tyres monster trucks use
Tires: Manufactured by Goodyear and Firestone, monster truck tires must be 66
inches high and 43 inches wide. The average monster truck team will go through eight tires in one year. Tires are customized and hand cut to accommodate track conditions. Cutting one tire takes approximately 50 hours.

Monster Truck Competion Poster

Today I made a poster about Monster Competition (just to let you know I made it up sorry but it was one the   activities i had). I really toke my time so it would look nice I think it is alright.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Change a Child's Life (Cancer)

How would you feel if you had to wake up in a hospital half of your life? There are children and adults lying in a hospital bed, probably on the edge of dying, with a common sickness called cancer. I believe that there should be more charities supporting cancer, because kids who suffer a short amount of time to live, there are about 200 different types of cancer, there is no single cause to get cancer.

Kids who suffer from cancer have a short amount of time to live. In addition the average time that a child who is diagnosed with cancer is five years. However that isn't very long considering the children who are diagnosed with cancer thought they would die of old age or other, not a disease.

There are about 200 different types of cancer. It can start in any type of body tissue. What affects one body tissue may not affect another. For example, tobacco smoke that you breathe in may help to cause lung cancer. Overexposing your skin to the sun could cause a melanoma on your leg. But the sun won't give you lung cancer and smoking won't give you melanoma.

Apart from infectious diseases, most illnesses (including cancer) are multifactorial. This means that there are many factors involved. In other words, there is no single cause for any one type of cancer

A lot of people die from cancer in the world. Like taking drugs and smoking. Cancer society’s help people with cancer so they can live instead of dying or live a little longer. There are a lot of ways you can help people with cancer, some people with cancer would rather spend their last days with their family and friends. Just by making them smile or laugh you’ve made a difference in their lives.

"Basket Boats"

1. Where is the story set?
Answer:The story takes place in a fishing village called Qui Nhon on the southern coast of Vietnam.
2. Who is the main character in the story?
Answer:The main character in the story is Thanh.
3. What is the story about?
Answer:The story is about how men in Quin Nhon build their basket boats and how Thanh and his friends want to become fishermens like their father.
4. What is a basket boat? What is its' proper name?
Answer:A basket boat is like a boat but smaller. The proper name for it is Thung Chai.
5. What is a basket boat useful?
Answer:A basket boat is useful to fishing for men. Fishermen would cast nets over the side of the thung chai or lower crab traps into the sea from them.
6. How is a thung chai made?
Answer:The thung chai is made starting with cutting long poles of green bamboo from the forest. Then they scrape off the outer skin and then slice the poles into thin slats. To make the bamboo easier to weave, they soak the slats in water. As the men weave, they stretch the bamboo slats over a basket-shaped mould. In the centre, the weaving is pulled very tight to give the boat its round shape. A thung chai is built without nails. To hold the weaving together, thicker pieces of bamboo are wrapped around the rim and lashed on with strong fishing line.
7. Why is a thung chai handy? What are some of its' uses?
Answer:A thung chai is handy because in the morning the men would cast nets over the side of thing chai or lower crab traps into the sea from them.
8. How many seats are in a thung chai?
Answer:In a thung chai there are no seats.
9. Explain how safe a thung chai is?
Answer:The thung chai is safe because of how it was made. It was made with strong bamboo sticks, they scraped the outside of the bamboo carefully, and they soaked it with concentrated.
10. Make a short film of yourself while you briefly summarize the story. Describe what you think about thung chai and why. please upload to your blog.
In a small village there lived a little called Thanh that always dreamed of becoming a fishermen just like his father when he grows up. Especially his friends, they all want the same thing .