Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Orienteering - Recount

Today two instructors came to our school to teach us about, and how to play the sport, orienteering. It was really fun, we learnt what the symbols on the map mean, and the fastest ways to the controls.

To begin with orienteering is a sport, where you search for controls but, there are obstacles like buildings, hills, trees etc. You can play in singles or pairs, you might have to use compass if in a forest but, other than you should be able to use your surroundings to know where you are on the map.

Before we were able to go outside and actually try the sport, we saw a power point, then we had a quiz. After that we went outside and did a course that they set up, we had to run around a circle and find the correct control.

It sounds easy but, you have to be really patient because you can’t go back once you've passed it.

Monday, 18 November 2013

During the weekend. . .

During the weekend it wasn’t very interesting, on Friday I went to my dads and we watched old movies. My favourite movie was Percy Jackson the lightning thief, I am really addicted to that movie and can’t wait to watch the sequel.

The next morning my mum picked us up and went back home, she was at my aunt's birthday party. When we got home it wasn’t any interestinger we watched tv and hanged out with each other.

On Sunday my brother, sister, and my mum went shopping for shoes and clothes while I stayed home because I was sick, and because they left when I was sleeping. When I woke up my auntie Gina and Rosie were visiting. When my mum and sibling finally got home my nana, aunts, and mum played a game of cards.

My aunts stayed for dinner which was chinese and helped wash the dishes etc. After that we watched tv and then went to sleep.