Wednesday, 14 December 2011

👪 my brother and sister

These are all my sisters and my brother. They are the best and I love them alot. We always have our ups and downs but I will always love them.

Monday, 12 December 2011

🚲 bigfoot cycling

Cycling! Have you ever gone out side to ride a bike? Well if you haven't you should. It is the best experience to have and it saves the Earth. Bigfoot came to Glenbrae school on Thursday and Friday to teach room7 and room8 how to cycle.
Bigfoot is a company that has a combo of many activities and cycling is one of them. Adrienne was my instructor. She taught me that you have to always do the four point check. This is what you have to do for the four point check: That the quick release lever is down tight, That there is a Red Reflector, That the brakes work and make sure that the tyres are not flat. I had lots of fun thanks to Bigfoot and my great instructor Adrienne.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

🌊 west coast flood

Torrential rain made the Grey River on the West Coast rise and it was so close to flooding Greymouth Town. But unfortunately lots of cows were killed because the powerlines down and the water mixed with the electricity and it electric shocked some of the cows. Good thing helicopters picked up about 100 cows and moved them to high ground.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

🐣 world's only albino kiwi

Today I went on to and then I went on to endangered kiwis. Then I found out there was an albino kiwi named Manukura that was born on May the 24 2011. It was so surprising that the world's only albino kiwi was born in Wellington. I think that the albino kiwi is so cute.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

📐 maths magican

Today I went on to Maths Magician. I've been practicing my 7 Subtraction and I got 100% in 27 seconds. I am happy that I tried my hardest. All I did was turn it in to addition.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

🎤 kids for kids

Yay! Yesterday the most exciting thing happened. We went to the Telstra Clear Stadium. We were a part of a big group called  the 'Kids for Kids' choir. We sang lots of Christmas songs. All the money that the audience paid went to families that don't have much. Four people donated to families that needed more.

Friday, 7 October 2011

🐑 baa's story

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Hi my name is Baa, Baa the Sheep. My owner named me Baa, because when ever I’m bored, I say Baa and I’m bored when ever I’m around him.

My owner the Shepherd boy. Well I don’t always call him Shepherd boy, I usually call him a liar boy. Only because he always lies. Oh how I hate that word LIE, it’s just the wrong word to use. So lets go back to my problems.
Oh I nearly forgot I thought I saw a couple of wolves yesterday, I was so scared I could have screamed. It was scarier than the day when the Shepherd boy tried to push us over a cliff. I hope they don’t come back. Because I’ll have to protect my family and I have a lot of them.

I think I’m the best one for this job because I’m the strongest in my family, but it would not kill them to help me out a little.
Why does that silly Shepherd Boy, have to keep on lying to those poor old villagers? What did they ever do to him? Well they did give him a job.Oh no the wolves are back and now I’m going to fight for my life. Jokes! Sheep aren't helpless you know. We are actually incredibly intelligent mammals.

We have a secret head quarters that is opened by our chief (chief Fluff) he never lets anyone know his secret password, but I know. Can you keep a secret? O.K its BAAAAA don’t tell him I told you.
YAY, we are safe. But not the Shepherded Boy.The wolves had caught him. He screamed “HELP” ,no one came and we couldn't help him because our chief said that it was too risky and we were not allowed to leave and help him and we had to listen to our chief at all times . We all said bye bye because the wolves had him and they were going to eat him.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

🐣 project kiwi

Today our class went onto a web site called and then we went onto  Homepage of Kiwi   This is a good web site if you want to learn about Kiwis. We are studying a type of kiwi called Rowi. Rowi is an en-danged species. BNZ has been sponsoring money for this kiwi project.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

✍ pacific patterns - maths

Today I went on to a web site called nz maths then I went onto learning objects. After that I went onto Pacific Patterns. It is a good game to learn how to symmetry, pacifier patterns and learn how to make Pacific mats.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

📏 three division - maths

Today I went onto a link on Glenbrae school it is could Math Magician the aim is to get 95% or 100% I got 95% in the 3 division. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

🐝 mini beast

Today we have been learning about mini beast and my favorite activity was when we made a super bug. My super bug is could butter-fly. I went on a site called

Monday, 15 August 2011

📐 fractions

Room seven and I have been focusing on fractions and have been doing a lot of fraction games on NZ Maths. In this game you have to match the cake to the fraction.

🌀 major polar blast in southland

I feel really sad for the people and animals who live in Southland. There is a lot of heavy snow storms and more to come. A lot of mother sheep will be having babies and that is good news but a lot of them will not be able to survive in that weather.

Monday, 4 July 2011

🐥 happy feet

Emperor Penguin.An Emperor Penguin called Happy Feet was found washed to shore. He thought the sand was ice so he ate it. The sand was full of rocks and sticks. Happy Feet could not eat properly because of all the sand and rocks in his stomach. So experts had to take out sticks, rocks and sand for him to eat properly. Poor Happy Feet must have felt a lot of pain but at the end he was happy.

Friday, 1 July 2011

✍ kandinsky's art

Room seven and I have been learning about
Wassily Kandinsky. His art is very good.This is one of the pictures he has painted.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Description of Mitai

Mitai has short, black, curly hair. He has skin like the colour of light brown chocolate. He has a smile that brightens his face. His lips are the colour of a green stone and they are full.

Mitai lives with his seven brothers. They all live in a village that is called Maketu. He has powers that can transform himself into a bird called Kereru. His hair is always tied
back into a bun. He wears a sacred green stone necklace around his neck and a peupeu that he wears around his

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My inquiry picture.

What Am I?

I am one of the Earth pillars that our Earth needs to survive.

I am an invisible gas.
I help people to have electricity.
I help all living things to survive on our Earth.
I take up space.
I weigh something.

Without me, no living thing would be able to survive.
Without me, there would be no such word called Earth because no one be able to be on the Earth.

I can make it so stormy that no one would see it coming.
I can make it just a calm breeze.
I can cause a tornado so deadly and unsafe.

Can you guess what am I?

Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Danielle and welcome to my blog. I have been waiting for a while to have  my own blog and at last I have one.  I hope you will enjoy my posts.