Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last Time

The morning was as cold as ice when it started to rain. It was our last day of soccer we saw been on the courts and someone said “Are we going to play on the court?”
Then Ben said, “Yeah, well it’s not raining anymore”. Then someone else said “What if it starts to rains again” and then Ben said “Well you’ll just get wet” and then we all laughed.

We had to warm up well they were setting up the game so we had a game of Octopus it was really fun, everyone dodging and getting caught by the taggers. The taggers were as fast as a cheater. We had one more game of Octopus, it was as fun as the first game.

Ben made as a promise that we could have a mini tournament so we were separated into six teams.
All I could hear was “One, Two Three, Four, Five, Six,” over and over again. There were two teams on each court we were waiting for the signal to star, a big loud powerful blow. There were four games, everyone was eager to win whenever someone got a goal the team started to celebrate. The games were as fun as Friday night. Then we heard a loud whistle it was a signal to swap over. When we got to our next game people were like “Game on!” then our team responded the same exact way.

“Goal yahh!” someone said really loudly I’m sure they wanted everyone to hear. Another loud blow went so we changed over it was our last game there was a goal there and another there.
 “Three, Two, One, and game over” Ben said in a loud voice.

After that we all gathered June walked up to the front and said “On behalf of room then  I would like to thank you”. “Thanks guys” Ben said in a big voice high fiveing everyone that went past him.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Snow Race

The Wattle street kids are watching a toboggan race on TV. They decide to have their own snow race. Everyone finds something to use as a toboggan ~ everyone except for Jing. Will she be able to enter the race?

You will have to read the book on sunshine online to find out what happens next.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Wattle Street Hockey

Jing loves hockey. It is her favorite game. When Wattle street is closed for repairs, Jing organises a game of street hockey. What will happen when things get heated up?

I chose an activity from this story called, Wattle Street Hockey Crossword. It was a little bit hard at the start but I did finish it.