Wednesday, 30 July 2014

- tae kwon do

On Tuesday the 29 of July 2014, we had the privilege to have an instructor who we called ‘madam’ or ‘miss’ because he name was bit hard to pronounce teach us tae kwon do. ‘Madam’also taught us were tae kwon do originated from, which was Korea, and who created it, he was a Korean soldier. We learnt how to punch properly, and how to kick.

- museum reflection

A massive beige building sat at the top of the hill, tourists and other guests roamed around the massive structure. A small group of students stood where we, Glenbrae School senior students, would enter for a school trip. The reason we were had a school trip was because our new topic, natural disasters.

The most interesting part of the trip for me is when we were in the volcano exhibition. There were hands on activities, a room volcano room, and just displays with stories about others experiences and facts about volcanoes/volcanologists (a person who researches about volcanoes).

Learnt: At the museum I learnt a lot of things about; volcanoes, birds, fish and the world war 1. My favorite subject learning about at the museum was birds, because there was an interesting question that got me thinking. Are birds really just, feathered dinosaurs?

Friday, 25 July 2014

- hangarau technology

On Fridays our class go to Tamaki College to learn digital technologies. Hangarau is the maori word for technology. When we are in class, we have to use the kiore and the papa patuhi to log into the rorohiko. On the rorohiko we have to use the ipurangi to log into the pae tukutuku for digital technologies. Every week we access the maramataka to know what task we will do. Sometimes our teacher will send us messages on our imera. Sometimes our teacher will give us dojo points on her waea pukoro, or she might also use her waea pukoro to take photos of us working. At school and home some of us use our rorohiko ponaho to do our work.

Nga kupu hou - New words:

Rorohiko - Computer
Rorohiko Ponaho - Laptop
Kiore - Mouse
Wae Pukoro - Cellphone
Ipurangi - Internet
Imera - Email
Maramataka - Calendar
Papa Patuhi - Keyboard
Pae Tukutuku - Websites

Friday, 4 July 2014

- daily exercise

This is a drawing of my daily exercise, which is not that much to be honest. By making this draw I learnt that I walk a lot.