Friday, 12 December 2014

- dance fever poem

Standing there as if i’m not nervous, yet my heart beats faster than usual
Laughing uncontrollably as I fail too many times to count
Relieved that the embarrassing moment has ended

My mind clouded with the steps of jive, mixing them up at times
The slow quick steps had my heart beating to the tango song
Having fun as I do the hip-hop routine, not caring if I look stupid

Thursday, 11 December 2014

- global warming

This is a link to a website I have created for a school project. By making this website, I have learnt how to (obviously) create a website and change the font, color, and layout of a website. I hope my website helps answer your questions, or even gets you thinking about what we are doing to our amazing planet, Earth.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

- haiku poem about softball


I don’t really play
But I guess it was cool-ish
I hit the ball once

It didn’t go far
But I did get to first base
Which was somewhat cool


The ball came rushing
The bat I held swung forward
I stand silently

And then I take off
My feet run towards first base
I make the first base

Thursday, 13 November 2014

- mmm, that's tasty

  • Your hand / Blindfold
  • Your mouth
  • Your  nose
  • A jellybean

  1. Blindfold, or cover your eyes.
  2. Block your nose.
  3. Place a jelly bean in your mouth.
  4. Record the flavour you taste.
  5. Unblock your nose.
  6. Taste again.
  7. Then record.

Observations: First, when I had my nose blocked, all that I could taste was the sugar. But when I unblocked my nose the taste changed and I could recognise the taste almost immediately, which was marshmallow.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was kind of right. Because at first all I taste was sugar, which was the main flavour (I think) and then when I unblocked my nose I could actually recognise what the real flavour was.

Friday, 31 October 2014

sleep explanation

Sleep is a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended. When you sleep you're practically unconscious, but your organs still work, even your body and other parts of the body will still grow.

Children need at least 10-11 hours of sleep a day, and teenagers need at 8-9 hours of sleep. The reason that children and teenagers need so much sleep is that so they can rest, grow and regenerate. If they don’t rest for the recommended hours of sleep then the outcome will show in their appearance, personality and mind.

As you grow older, and older you won’t need as much sleep as you did when you were younger, depending on your lifestyle. By depending on your lifestyle, I mean if you’re an adult and you live a healthy lifestyle you won’t need as much sleep, but if you live an unhealthy lifestyle then you may think you might need more than you would if you lived a more healthier lifestyle.

The reason for this is that adults have already grown to their capacity, but it still is a must that adults sleep for at least a few hours a day or their body and mind will react. Despite what I wrote about Adults needing less sleep, which must of been quite confusing, but they do need at least seven and a half hours to eight hours of sleep.

Have you ever gone to sleep with an open sore and then you wake up to see it has scabbed over? The reason why this has happened is because your body is healing and regenerating. You’re body will heal the scab and then when scab has healed the skin will fall off, or slowly peel off. While you sleep your brain also has a little cleaning spree, storing all of the important short term memories into your long term memory so you don’t forget anything important.

Sometimes when you fall asleep and you’re thinking about something straight before you do so, it is likely that you dream about that certain subject. When you dream it doesn’t necessarily make sense, so don’t be confused if you dream about something so bizarre you think you’ve gone crazy. Most of the time when you dream you don’t remember the entire dream and sometimes you don’t even remember you had a dream, but don’t fret this is completely normal. But what is normal when it comes to dreaming?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

- healthy shopping plan

  1. How does the article recommend to follow a healthy pathway when shopping at a grocery store/supermarket?
    1. The article recommended that you make a list before shopping based on the healthy meals you might make throughout the week. The article also said that you should visit the outer aisles first, so you can stock up on fruit, veg and other things like bread, then the inner isle and then you can get a treat or two, also some sugar.

  1. We can buy plenty of fruit and vegetables that are frozen or canned. What does the article suggest are the pros (positives) and cons (negatives) of frozen and canned food?
    1. A pro is that frozen and canned food are more convenient and there’s less of a chance of spoilage, but a con is that frozen and canned food are packaged with extra fat and salt.

  1. What other helpful healthy advice does this article give for our grocery shopping?
    1. The article also advises that you could go to farms, orchard, or berry patch where you can pick your own fruit and veg. Also get a treat or two, or else you or your children will stray away and overeat on high-fat and sugar foods.