Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to Make Nutri Grain

Monday 27 May 2012.
How to Make a Cup of Tea

WALT write a recipe
Success Criteria:
My recipe will have a title
It will have a list of ingredients and equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my dish in order. Each step will start with a verb
It will have a conclusion
It will have pictures to show how to make the dish

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Title: How to Make Nutri Grain
*Nutri Grain
Other Thing You will Need:
Step One: Get a Bowl
Step Two: Fill the bowl with the Nutri Grain
Step Three: Add as much milk as you would like
Step Four: Put the spoon in the bowl
Conclusion: Enjoy your yum breakfast
Pictures to go with the recipe

How to Make Tea

Title: How to Make Tea
*A tea bag
*Sugar (optional)
* Milk (optional)
Other Things You will Need:
*A kettle
*A teaspoon
Step One: Boil the jug with the water
Step Two: Get a cup
Step Three: Put the tea bag in the cup
Step Four: (Optional) Add sugar
Step Five: Pour the hot water into the cup
Step Six: (Optional) Add milk
Step Seven: Leave the tea bag in for 1 or 2 minutes
Step Eight: Remove the tea bag
Step Nine: Stir with the teaspoon
Conclusion: Enjoy your delicious cup of Tea
Pictures to go with the recipe

How to Make Toast

Title: How to Make Toast
*Any spread of your choice
*Butter (optional)
Other things you will need:
*A toaster
*A butter Knife
*A plate

Step One: Prep all the things you will need
Step Two: Place your bread into the toaster
Step Three: Get the toast out of the toaster when it is finished
Step Four: Add the butter (optional)
Step Five: Add the spread you choose
Conclusion: Enjoy your Toast
Pictures to go with the recipe

Monday, 20 May 2013

Maths Whizz

Today I challenged Jerome on Maths Whizz. I was really eager to win I won by nine seconds I was really happy. I also learnt how to divide and half. I am really proud of myself because I learnt something new.

Tread Lightly Caravan Session

Today room 10 had a lesson at the Tread Lightly Caravan. At the Tread Lightly Caravan we learnt all about how we can help the earth. We were divided into six groups we all went to our activities. The first activity that my group did was the carbon footprint. We all answered a couple of questions the computer asked if we walked, and stuff like how many people live in your house.

The next activity we did was the microscope there were insects, wool, shells, hair, and live worms from our worm farm. We looked on the screen at all the different things that were in the containers. After that we went to a computer to see how far our house is Jeromes house was the furthest away from our school.

Later on we went to the e-waste area where we learnt all about recycling electronics. We looked inside of a computers hard drive we saw the mother drive we were talking about all the different metal. There was copper, gold and silver. We thought about taking partes of the hard drive to shops so they can reuse it. The next activity we went to was the eco-bike we powered lights and different machines like a sander and heat gun.

Finally we went to geckos and vines Jerome, Alex and I played well Douglas asked the questions when we came to a vine or a gecko. It was a really fun game. We all made a pledge to help our environment. I made a pledge to take cloth bags when I go shopping. The Tread Lightly Caravan is a great place to learn how to be environmentally friendly I will use the skills I learnt at the Tread Lightly Caravan.

Friday, 17 May 2013

How the Animals came to Australia

Today I read an Article about how the animals came to Australia. It started with bird migrating to Australia during winter to be warm. When the birds went back to their homeland they told stories of the place they had been to. The animals from the green forest wanted to go there but they needed a boat. The only boat that was big enough was the whales boat. The whale said no the animals knew that they had to steal his boat. Whale’s best friend the starfish agreed to help them. At night starfish distracted whale well the animals went in his boat and left. They sunk his boat so that the whale would never find them and that is how the animals came to Australia.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Step up to the Plate

Today I read a story call step up to the plate. This story is about a boy named Jeremy who is in a baseball team called Brave. Jeremy can never hit the ball and get a home run and his parents try to help him. Jeremy says the reason he can’t bate is because he thinks about Jake whenever its his turn and he misses the ball. So his dad says that he needs to learn how to keep his eyes on the ball and concentrate. So on the final game Jeremy is pumped but is still very nervous. On that night Braves win Jake is very suprised that Jeremy even hit a home run. Jeremy is proud of himself so is his team and parents.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Inter-School Orienteering

Today I had the privilege to particate in the Inter-School orientating Competition. The Orienteering event was held at the Waiatarua Reserve. I was really nervous because I didn't want to make a mistake, but when we started it was really fun. Everyone was dominate to come first.

Walking through the finish line was such a relief. The skill that we learnt at Orienteering was how to read a map. It was a great experiences to go to experience because we were out of our comfort zone. I can't wait to have a chance to do orienteering again.

Maths Whizz

I scored 28 on Maths Whizz. I am proud of myself

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Netball session

The skills that we learnt at netball today was how to defend the attacker. We played a little game all we had to do was run to the middle of the court and pick up the netball, and then chest pass down the line of your group. There were two groups the bulldogs and the outlaws. The game was really serious we were down to our last chance . . .   Bulldogs won by a split second everyone from the bulldogs so ecstatic. Sadly it was the end of netball but we had a great time.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day Recount

On Sunday which was no ordinary Sunday it was Mother's Day my brother sister and I sent my mum, Aunt's and Nana of for a lunch at Sylvia Park. Well we stayed home with our Dad. For lunch we had French Toast and cheese it was really yum.

Later on we watched movies to pass the time we watched a funny television program called seriously funny kids. Everyone was sleeping well I was playing with our pet cat Garfield. Finally my mum picked us up to tack us home. I had a great time because I hardly ever see Garfield.

Magda the Mammoth Hunter

Magda the Mammoth Hunter is a book about a girl named Lucy, who has a father that is an artist who travels the world to look at all the different kind of art. Her father was talking about a special that they were going to go to that was in Czech Republic her father said that it was a gave she was very puzzled. When she goes to this gave she see's huge paintings of mammoths. Lucy is the girl that is in the picture. You will have to read it to find out more: sunshineonline stories

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Some scary story opener

Crunch! crunch! crunch! As they walked over the dry autumn leaves. "Wait where's the car gone?". "It should be here" Blake answered standing in suspense. Emily and Zayn run over to Tori and Blake. "Look there's a cabin over there" Zayn shouted, now he a little bit more faith that they were going to get of there."Someone might live there, but it looks deserted" Tori said.

Knock! knock! knock!

Bronze Certificate Study Ladder

Today I got a certificate it is a bronze medal. The reason I got the certificate was because I scored 100 points. I am very proud of myself!

Master Class

Today I learnt my 20 times tables it was really hard in the start but now it is easy .

A Mothers Love

Today I read beautiful piece of writing about a Mother's Love it tells you what Mothers do for us. What I got out of it was that when ever you do chores of your mum owes you. Just to remember that everything that she does for us has no charge and that her love is free. So don't forget about all the days she stayed home with you when your sick. All the clothes and food she bought for you no charge.

this is the link to the site: a Mothers Love

Grandpa's 80th Birthday

Friday the third of May was a very exciting day it was my Grandpa’s 80th Birthday we celebrated at my Aunty Flower’s house. When we got there we said "Hi" to all of our cousins, uncles and aunts. After I said hi I went downstairs to play with Midnight my cousins dog. Later on I went upstairs to watch my cousins perform their dances.

Eventually I had dinner, and it was "yummy". Before my brother and sister left to go home we gave our Grandpa his Birthday gifts. My sister gave it to him. We all gave him a kiss. Then my brother and sister left to go home.So the house went quiet because there wasn't a lot of people.

My dad came back to get me and my sister Taniesha I said goodbye to everyone, I was very sad. I had a great time at my Aunty's. I can’t wait till the next Birthday. I also can’t wait to see my cousins, uncles and auntys again.

Scoot Lesson

This morning we had a scoot lesson with Delia, Delia is from Auckland Transport Delia comes to our school to teach us how to be travel wise. She taught us how to cross the road. She also taught us how to emergency stop we had to step side to side at least four times. After the lesson was finished Delia gave us a stretchy band each. We had a great lesson and I will use these skills when ever I use a scooter.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Math Method

Today I learnt how to work with Whole numbers. It took a while to get the hang of it but when I got the hang of it it was really easy. I like this method and I will properly use this method again.

Auckland Sport Recount Netball!

Tuesday May 7th 2013.

Auckland Sport
Recount about

The sound of net balls bouncing reverberates around the court. Hearts beating faster and faster. Everyone so excited. Today we had a Netball lesson with three ladies from Auckland sport.

One of the main skills that we learnt was chest pass. We had great instructors and I can’t wait till we have another lesson.

A Letter to Miss Elia


The Principal
Glenbrae School
Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes

Dear Miss Elia

I would like to nominate my mum for the ‘caught being good’prize for Mothers Day.

My mum is special because she is kind, she puts a roof over me, and also because she’s my mum and no other person could replace her and that is why I think my is special.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Room 10

Monday, 6 May 2013

I Want to Act Summary

I want to act is a book about a girl who is in a play and she was the star of the play. But unfortunately she has to move to New York and she is very upset that she will never see her best friend  and she will never do another play.

You will have to read it if you want to find out more.

I Want to Act:

Text by Felicity Gordon

illustrated by Barbara Vagnozzi


I finally finished my English on study ladder yay.