Friday, 30 August 2013

Information and Communications Technology

Today at Tech we made collage, it was a little bit difficult but got easier. We had to crop our images and put it on the background. It was really fun at Tech, I can't wait till next term. I have learnt a lot in ICT mostly about images and using photoshop.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where No Boat Could Live

1. Where is Chatham Island, and what is the weather like there?
The Chatham Islands are part of the Roaring forties the weather is very unpredictable, there are strong winds and frequent storms.
2. Who were the first people to arrive there? How did they get there?
The Moriori People.
3. How did the Moriori live? Give some example of what they did to survive?
The Moriori People would go fishing in
| big groups and travel as far as 40 kilometers or even further (to find the the albatross tribes).
4. What is a wash - through wake? What was it used for?
A wash through waka is a waka that could carry heavy loads and a large number of people.
5. Why were the waka korari and the waka paging so special?
Both the waka korari and the waka pahi were perfectly suited to the local conditions, even though visiting European sailors thought the smaller waka like wheelbarrows.
6. What do the words ballast and capsize mean?
ballast definition = Give stability to (a ship) by putting a heavy substance in its bilge
capsize definition = (of a boat) Overturn in the water: "the craft capsized in heavy seas"; "gale-force gusts capsized the dinghies".
7. Please give a brief summary of the article.
Where No Boat Could Live is about the Moriori people how they went to the Chatham Islands and how they survived.
8. Why were the Moriori considered backward?
I consider the Moriori people very smart because they were making very difficult boats, and they survived in that Chatham Islands most people wouldn’t dare go there.
9. What do you think about the skills and designs of the Moriori and why? Please upload questions 7,8,& 9 to your blog with a picture to support your ideas.

I think the skills and the designs were made perfectly. I like the way the boats looked. They were very smart how they found their food.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Intense Games

Today we had a Softball lesson with Softball coaches from Auckland sport, it was really exciting because we haven't had a Softball lesson for a week. Before we started everyone wanted to warm up so we had a game of octopus but, it started to spit so we ended the game a little bit earlier. We started of easy, we just rolled the ball to our partners and they would roll it back. we had to stand in a monkey pose to catch the ball it was really funny.

Next we started throwing the Softball back and forth to each other, the people that were good at aiming, throwing and catching were able to go further and further backwards it was really freaky because the ball could easily hit us if we make a little mistake. There was a very loud blow at the center of the court. “Please hold your ball” Sammy said loudly, “We are going to have a little competition to see who throw the farthest” she said everyone started to get hyped up.

“On your marks set” and Sammy blew the whistle every one started throwing back and forth, and making sure not to forget to step backwards. It was getting really intense on the courts. Then there was another whistle it was a sign to stop. “Put your hand up you three and anyone else put you Softballs and gloves in the bags” everyone started walking of the court and siting either leaning on the wall around the wall or on the chair, some people were standing to watch the action. The threw from one end of the court the other one team walked of the court because dropped the ball, There was two team Siupeli and Christian, Lisiate and Nathaniel. “The winner” Sammy said it was Lisiate and Nathaniel. All of us were congratulating them and then we thanked Sammy and Vick.

Monday, 12 August 2013


   4.    What do you think is the main idea of the poem? Explain your answer.
          Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the
          teacher.(Task 1)

I think its about what the Great Alfonso does for a living.

6.    Does Alfonso use complicated tricks or words in his show any more?
          Explain your answer.Upload your explanation to your individual blog after
          conferencing with the teacher. (Task 2)
No the Great Alfonso doesn't use complicated tricks or words.

 7.   Do you think the information in this poem would be useful if you wished to become a
         magician? Explain your answer.   Upload your answer to your individual blog after
         conferencing with the teacher. (Task 3)
Not really only if they want to pull something out of a top hat.

Analysis:  Can you think of a possible problem with teaching a goat to float? Explain your answer. Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher. (Task 4)
The goat forgets how to walk.

Analysis:  Can you think of a possible problem with teaching a goat to float? Explain your answer. Upload your explanation to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher. (Task 4)
The goat forgets how to walk.

Friday, 2 August 2013

ICT Technology

Today at ICT we edited a picture of ourselves in photo shop. But before that we took a photo of ourselves in photo both. The tools that we used in photo shop was the pencil and photo bucket. We used the pencil to draw the outline of our picture, and we used the paint bucket to fill it with colour. It was really hard for me to draw the outline because my hand wasn't steady enough. We learnt a lot from ICT today I can't wait till next week

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Movie of the Week

“They are over there,” I said pointing at my Aunty and cousin. He waved at us well we walked over to them, “Sup,” Jahsiah said. “Sup” Troy said in a deep voice. “Hi Aunty,” I said as she squeezed me like she always does.

“Hey sweetie,” she said as she loosened her grip. I walked over to my mum she was getting the tickets for the movie, “Mum, what are we going to watch,” I said. “Man of Steel” she said as the lady gave her our tickets. We walked over to the both were the tell you where to go. “Hi, you’ll be  just third on your right” she said as she ripped of the end of our tickets and passed them back.

“I bet you mums going to fall asleep,” I said as we walked in the cinema, “Probably” Jahsiah said as we sat down. Everyone was on there phones before the movie started, I was getting bored so I started to look around and then the lights started to dim. “Finally,” I said under my breathe.  

As we stood up the lights turned on, the movie was as cool as ice. I was really sad because I didn't want the movie to end, because it was so excited.

I enjoyed the movie ‘Man of Steel’ it was really interesting the middle was a little bit slow but it still had a lot of action in it. I hope I will be able to watch it again, we all had a great time and that is all that really mattered.

The Catch of The Day

On Tuesday we had a Softball session with three ladies from Auckland Sport, it was really exciting to learn how to play softball properly. But first we had to find a buddy.

Then we learned how to roll the ball and catch it in this monkey pose, it was really funny. Then we learnt hot to bounce the ball. The most interesting activity we did was throwing and catching the ball.

Softball was really fun. I can’t wait till the next time we have another session.