Friday, 28 September 2012

My Favourite Colour Poem

My Favourite Colour

Blue feels like I’m floating on the ocean with glowing starfish. Blue feels like fresh chewy blueberries. Blue is a symbol for sad on a dull day I always feel blue. Blue tastes like my favourite milkshake with blueberries on top. Blue is a symbol for grey sharks floating in the ocean.
Blue is my mum’s top that she wore on her 40th birthday

Biography Poem

Thing I Abhor
The sun burning my skin on a hot day. Seeing my mother or Father get hurt.Going to a family member's funeral and see them laid to rest. Moving houses and leaving friends behind. Changing schools because it’s a different environment. Being woken up early in the morning

Auto Biography Poem

Things I Adore.
Walking in the rain as if it was just me and the world. Playing with my cousin’s puppy until I can’t breathe. Singing to my Mum when she is sick. Drinking hot chocolate on a chilly day. Forgiving people who have hurt me. Reading books on a summer day under a shady tree

All About Me Biography Poem

DanielleFunny, Kind, Unique, and Generous at times. Second oldest of two silly sisters named Taniesha and Cherise, also one crazy little brother named Jahsiah. Lover of animals, music, sports, and technology Who feels silly, excited, creative and emotional. Who needs closure on a daily basis. Who freely gives laughter all over the school. Fears dark places and armed people. Who would like to discover a pirates treasure. Resident of Glen Innes in Auckland 
Mailata is her family name

Monday, 24 September 2012

Drill, Drill, Drill

In this picture Phoenix is drilling a hole with a wooden drill. We all had a turn it was very hard for me because we has to balance the drill so that it was straight and tall. Tama was very good at drilling on his first try I thought it was very smart how they used this drill in the ancient times I was so fascinated.