Friday, 7 October 2011

🐑 baa's story

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Hi my name is Baa, Baa the Sheep. My owner named me Baa, because when ever I’m bored, I say Baa and I’m bored when ever I’m around him.

My owner the Shepherd boy. Well I don’t always call him Shepherd boy, I usually call him a liar boy. Only because he always lies. Oh how I hate that word LIE, it’s just the wrong word to use. So lets go back to my problems.
Oh I nearly forgot I thought I saw a couple of wolves yesterday, I was so scared I could have screamed. It was scarier than the day when the Shepherd boy tried to push us over a cliff. I hope they don’t come back. Because I’ll have to protect my family and I have a lot of them.

I think I’m the best one for this job because I’m the strongest in my family, but it would not kill them to help me out a little.
Why does that silly Shepherd Boy, have to keep on lying to those poor old villagers? What did they ever do to him? Well they did give him a job.Oh no the wolves are back and now I’m going to fight for my life. Jokes! Sheep aren't helpless you know. We are actually incredibly intelligent mammals.

We have a secret head quarters that is opened by our chief (chief Fluff) he never lets anyone know his secret password, but I know. Can you keep a secret? O.K its BAAAAA don’t tell him I told you.
YAY, we are safe. But not the Shepherded Boy.The wolves had caught him. He screamed “HELP” ,no one came and we couldn't help him because our chief said that it was too risky and we were not allowed to leave and help him and we had to listen to our chief at all times . We all said bye bye because the wolves had him and they were going to eat him.