Wednesday, 14 December 2011

👪 my brother and sister

These are all my sisters and my brother. They are the best and I love them alot. We always have our ups and downs but I will always love them.

Monday, 12 December 2011

🚲 bigfoot cycling

Cycling! Have you ever gone out side to ride a bike? Well if you haven't you should. It is the best experience to have and it saves the Earth. Bigfoot came to Glenbrae school on Thursday and Friday to teach room7 and room8 how to cycle.
Bigfoot is a company that has a combo of many activities and cycling is one of them. Adrienne was my instructor. She taught me that you have to always do the four point check. This is what you have to do for the four point check: That the quick release lever is down tight, That there is a Red Reflector, That the brakes work and make sure that the tyres are not flat. I had lots of fun thanks to Bigfoot and my great instructor Adrienne.