Wednesday, 19 March 2014

🔨 the hatchet

How did you react to Brian’s thoughts and actions? Do you think he is sensible or unreasonable?

I didn't really react at all, but it was quite dramatic when the plane crashed. I think that Brian is building up false hope to forget about the terrible accident and the mess he is in now.

What lesson does Brian recall from Mr Pepich, his English teacher? How does that lesson help Brian as he sits beside the lake?

Brian had a teacher named Mr Pepich who was always talking about being positive, thinking positive, staying on top of things. Pr Pepich’s listen gave Brian motivation, and a lot of hope.

Evaluate and Connect
Sometimes Brian’s thoughts go back to an earlier time, when he was with his mother. What effect do these “breaks” have on the story.

The “Breaks” answered my questions about ‘the secret’ it also answered my questions why Brian was going to visit his father who was living in Canada, and why his parents are divorced. The “Breaks” helped me understand Brian a little bit more.

Are Brian’s reactions to the pilot’s death and the crash realistic? Does Brian seem like a real thirteen-year-old boy?

Brian’s reaction to the pilot’s death was quite surprising actually, I thought he would have freaked he did but he also got back into his right mind and thought up a plane that kind of succeeded. Brian doesn't’t seem like a thirteen-year-old boy, he seems to mature about everything and he’s always got a plane for everything, if that makes since.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

🏊 life jacket

Today we learned how to put on a life jacket, and where and when to where it. We were in partners, it was me and Ilalio. A life jacket needs to be tight, we also learnt how to put on a life jacket when in the water. We should always wear a life jacket when on a boat.

📐 maths daily practice

Screenshot 2014-03-18 at 12.46.28 PM.png

1 8 . 0 3 . 1 4

Today I learnt how to add fractions, on At first I was confused, but at the end of it I understood. Even though I knew how to add the fractions, I still got some wrong. I only had five minutes so I wouldn't know if I could do better, until tomorrow.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Tupapakurua Falls Track

A hike is when you go for a long walk in a forest, woods, or the wild. The track that Mr Chen supposedly followed is called the Tupapakurua Falls Track. The track is better for more experienced hikers because the conditions be muddy and or slippery following rain. Before you even think about walking out into the wild you have to be well equipped encase of any change of weather or you stumble of track and get lost. You will need to be wearing warm clothing, you can wear layers in case it gets hotter or colder. You can never go wrong with an extra jacket, bring a bag so it’s easier to walk about. Wear sturdy comfortable boots or shoes, food and water because you never know how long your hike will take. Also you could bring glasses, sunscreen, and a first aid kit is a must.

The walk will take about 4 to 5 hours, and 11 km return from Fishers Road parking area. To be safe, tell a friend or family member when and where you will be going, and when you should be back. To be extra careful check the weather forecast the night before you leave and the morning you go on your adventure. Also do not take shortcuts if not on map you may think, ‘That way would be shorter, and a time saver’. At the end of the day your safety means more than some shortcut that might end up you being lost, or severely injured.

To read more click this link - (Tupapakurua Falls Track)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bio Poem - Chanel

Gamer, High-Spirited, Easy-Going
Lover of Food, Cartoons, and Animals
Who wonders if she’s telepathic
Who fears someone close passing away, darkness, heights
Who feels euphoric to work on her Chromebook
Who is able to work independently, help others, speak confidently
Who would like to go on a journey to Rarotonga, meet Harry Styles,
eat ice - cream everyday
Who dreams the world would be made out of candy

Magnifying Glass, Clipart

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Temperature - Days of the Week

Today I learnt how to make a graph on temperature.
Today I learnt how to make a graph with high and low temperature.

Bio Poem About Me!

Different, Socially Awkward, Bookworm.
Lover of a variety of music, animals, and singing at random times.
Who wonders what goes through peoples minds at their last breath.
Who fears what lurks in the dark, strange noises at night, and gossipers.
Who feels whole when with family and friends, anxious when reading,
and irritated at times.
Who is able to speak out her mind without a second thought.
Who would like to learn how to draw, learn another language,
and meet some inspiring people.
Who dreams of travelling the world.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favorite Fruit Bar Graph - Room 10

The most liked fruit is Mango’s, and the least are Pineapple. On the side are the number of students, and on the bottom are the choice of fruits.