Tuesday, 15 April 2014

🏀 basketball reflection

From every basketball session, i’ve learnt different ways to pass the ball, like chest-pass, over head, bounce pass. I've also learnt how to dribble the ball correctly, and how to block. I even learnt a net trick where I spin the ball and bounce it on the court, and it should come back to me, though I already knew how to.


Basketball. The rush you feel when you dribble the ball across the court, the thrill you get when you shoot the basketball into the hoop. The sound of  a basketball touching the court’s surface vibrates throughout the court.

Monday, 14 April 2014

📏 measuring

WALT; use body marts as a unit of measurement.

My net  book's length is one hand span, and it's width is 1 and a half.

🔥 warming up, cooling down

Question - This is a non-fiction text, why do  you think the author begins with a narrative about Freddie on page 2?

Answer - Maybe to hook the reader in,  or to give the reader a summary of the information that they are about to read.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 at 10.57.53 AM.png

A white shirt, or clothing reflect the sunlight. Therefore keeps you cool.
Black clothing absorbs light, so black tops would absorb sunlight. Therefore warming your upper-body.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

🐯 auckland zoo trip

On the 4th of April 2014, which was a Friday, Glenbrae’s students from rooms 10, 9 and 7 went on a school trip to the Auckland Zoo. The reason behind this trip was because of our inquiry, which is, ‘Survival in the Wild’. After a hectic bus ride we senior students were escorted into the zoo, by a few zoo keepers.

When we finally arrived to our substitute classroom we sat down in rows on the provided steps and on the green fake grass. We met three adroit instructors, who introduced themselves, and gave us a brief summary of where and what, they were going to be teaching us. They talked about the different enclosures we were going to be visiting, which were the high country enclosure, the forest enclosure, and the night enclosure.
The first enclosure that my class and I ventured into was the high country enclosure, but even before we wandered into the enclosure we learnt about skinks. After the instructor finished his mini lesson we had to all clutter into a small cage-like rooms, that was very airy since the walls had what seemed to be holes in them. The door that we had just walked in was closed, and the other opened revealing a beautiful scene.

A small river streamed beside us as we walked in, plants, rocks, bushes and trees masked the enclosure. A short but not too short wall was located just before the ‘garden’ preventing visitors from slipping in, and getting injured or hurting the native birds. Three vibrant colorful birds named kea swooped around the enclosure like they had no worry in the world. After that interesting enclosure we went to the next enclosure. The forest enclosure !

Finally reaching the enclosure, we repeated the process of cluttering into the cage-like room, closing the door, opening the other door, and stumbling out. As soon as we stepped into the enclosure we were greeted to a lush forest, and a path that looked out of place, the sounds of birds tweeting echoed throughout the enclosure. We investigated the trees, and called out when we sighted a bird or a tree/plant that we knew the name to. At that enclosure I learnt that a bird named Kereru, could last 6 hours without pooping.

Next we went to the night enclosure, where the instructor talked about a moth that stayed in a hole of a tree for 7 years, then coming out for a day, only to die. Then we repeated the process of entering the cage-like room, closing the door, and then exiting for the third time. The enclosure consisted of small bushes, and a stream, with a large translucent tank filled with massive eels swimming in it. After that we investigated the inside, where we were able to look for kiwis. At the night enclosure I learnt that eels lays their eggs close to Tonga and then return to their home, when the egg has hatched it swam to where their parents without even having to be guided.

After the night enclosure we met back at our substitute classroom, where Lennyx thanked the three intelligent instructors. We then filed out of the room one group at a time, we then walked to the band rotunda where we scattered around in our groups and ate. After we finished eating we were able to explore the zoo without designated groups.

My favourite animals that I saw were the sea lions, the tigers, and the red panda. Visiting the Auckland Zoo was awesome, and I learnt a lot of facts about native animals, and plants/trees. All in all it was a great experience, and I hope in the future I will be able to visit, again.

Well done, very descriptive piece of writing.