Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Water Fun Day

Tuesday 20th February 2013
Kauri (Green house) from Glenbrae school wins the water battle all the hard work payed off. It was so close Nikau (Blue house) was not far off from the green, but the green won everyone cheering for the winners. The group that came third was Kawhai (Yellow house) and Rata (Red house) came last but the are no winners or losers.

Before we started we marched around the court with a banner on the banner were the coloures of our houses. we all chanted well we marched it was very exciting.

There were six different activities that everyone had to participate in. It was so exciting everyone running from left to right un and down side to side. Every one looked like they had a great time and that was the end of that.

Danielle's Bio Poem

funny, kind, unique
Lover of animals, music, and technology
Who wonders who created music
Fears dark places, rumours  and armed people
Who feels silly, happy, and emotional
Who is able to write a blog post independently
Who would  like to discover the remainders of Titanic and
a pirates treasure also to discover my familys past
Who dreams of travel the world