Thursday, 27 June 2013

It was a Dark Cold Night

It was a dark cold night, the horrifying  sound of a person being dragged across the cold wooden floor. I heard a person cry and scream in terror, I had heard this voice before I was on the edge to go open the door. Am I just being silly I thought, I slowly stood up being a brave as I could be.  I was certain I’ve heard this voice before, I’m at the door I was about to turn the doorknob and then “Don’t open the door it’s a trick,” said a quiet whisper, “Who is that,” I whispered puzzled. The voice didn’t answer me now I know I’m  definitely crazy. I thought I was crazy so everything that I heard was made up so I turned the doorknob knowing nothing will happen.

“What did you do you have made a mistake it isn’t too late shut the door and lock it before it comes,” whispered the voice. “Who are you, you’re not even real so get out of my head ,“ I said so angry and frustrated. I looked down the passage there was a dark shadow just standing there I didn’t know what I should do. It started running towards me, I turned and ran into my room I locked the door like the whisper told me to. “Hello,” I said thinking I am getting crazy by the minute. “Know do you believe?,” the voice said. “Yes, yes what do I have to do to rid of it i’ll do anything,  just please help me,” I said begging the whisper. “First you have to promise you’ll do everything I tell you to do,” the whisper said really seriously. “Yes anything,” I said not being certain of what I’m getting into.

“You need a weapon,” said the whisper, “Done,” I said opening my draw and slowly taking out a the gun my dad hid in my draw incase something like this ever happened. “What’s next,” I said. “Forget what I said before you need to get out of your room and get to the biggest room in this house,” said the whisper, “Are you sure there is no other way,” I said really scared what I was about to hear. “Yes!,” the voice shouted. I opened the door with the gun tightly gripped in my right hand I looked across the passage there was no one, “Run,” said the whisper. I ran to my parents room shut the door behind me and locked it.

“What’s next,” I said I was all ready to get this over and done with. “You have to jump out of the window and run to your neighbours,” said the whisper. Before she could even change her mind she found herself outside on the porch, so she ran to her neighbours and asked them to call the cops. Red and blue flashing lights outside of my house, there was a cop asking me questions what happened. After she asked me the questions she went and started to check the house with the other cops. The lady walked out with a gun in a plastic bag and with my parents at the back of her. The cop walked over to her “Tell your daughter what you told me,” said the cop. “Ahh well we were in our room when we heard Marissa screaming and shouting we looked at the door and then she ran into her room she was talking to herself and then she ran into our room with a gun, we were telling her to drop it she did but, then she jumped out of the window and ran to the neighbors,” my mum said, really certain what happened. “And then we saw the cops,” my dad said. “That’s not what happened and what are you guys doing here you should be in paris,” I said. My mum looked at the cop, the cop took me to a police car and next thing I knew I was in mental hospital.

From that day on I knew my Mum and Dad set me up, they never really liked me.......

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Football Lesson 4

Today on a very cold morning we had a soccer lesson with Ben. We had a mini tournament there were four groups.  It was time to use all the skills we learnt for the past three weeks. Everyone was pumped to start. The games were intense everyone was eager to win. Everyone had their eye on the ball like an eagle. Ben started counting down “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, ZERO!”. Blue had won the tournament everyone was happy for the blue team. Even though we had a tournament we still learnt skills, we learnt how to work as a team and communicate. At the end of the game everyone was tired and out of breathe . It was a really fun and I can’t wait till our next lesson.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Skateboards and Spaghetti

After doing tricks on his skateboard, Carlo was having lunch with his Nonna. She made thee best spaghetti sauce. But when Doris ate Pumpkin's lunch, Carlo had to invite Pumpkin and Curly to Nonna's for lunch, too. Carlo felt weird introducing them to Nonna as a friend.

To find out what happens next read it on Sunshine Online:

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Holiday Farm

At Gum Tree Farm, they'll ride horses, round up cattle and eat some tucker. Sounds like fun... But what's in store for Danny.

To find out thee rest of the story you'll have to read the holiday farm on sunshine online :

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Geometry - Finding Perimeters of 2D shapes

WALT find the Perimeter of 2D shapes


Perimeter of a Square = side + side + side + side or 4 x side
Example: The perimeter of a square of side  5cm = 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 cm or 4 x 5 = 20 cm

Find the perimeter of the following squares:

The perimeter of a square of side  10 cm = 10 x 4 = 40 
The perimeter of a square of side  25cm = 25 x 4 = 100
The perimeter of a square of side  5m = 5 x 4 = 20m
The perimeter of a square of side  50m = 50 x 4 = 200m
The perimeter of a square of side  1km = 1 x 4 = 4km

Perimeter of a Rectangle = length + width + length + width or 2 x l + 2 x w
Example: The perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 6cm and width is 4cm = 6 + 4 + 6 + 4 = 20 cm or 2 x 6 + 2 x 4= 12 + 8 = 20 cm

Find the perimeter of the following rectangles whose lengths and widths are given below:

Rectangle 1 - length is 8cm and width is 5cm
Perimeter =  (5 x 2 = 10 8 x 2 = 16) = 26

Rectangle 2 - length is 10cm and width is 7cm
Perimeter =  (10 x 2 = 20  7 x 2 = 14) = 34

Rectangle 3 - length is 8m and width is 6m
Perimeter =  (8 x 2 = 16   6 x 2 = 12) = 28

Rectangle 4 - length is 16m and width is 10m
Perimeter =  (16 x 2 = 32   10 x 2 = 20) = 52

Rectangle 5 - length is 4km and width is 2km
Perimeter =  (4 x 2 = 8   2  x 2 = 4) = 12

Evaluation: Today I learnt what a perimeter is and what the value of it.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Football Recount

Today I learnt how to do the scissor kick, it was really easy when I got the hang of it. All we had to do is put the left leg over the ball then the right. But the main skill we were learning was how to dribble. We had a little game it was kind of like soccer, but instead of having an open goal there are cones. When some one from the other team hits one of the cones they take it to their side, and the one with the most cones wins. I can’t wait till our next session with Ben.

Rotarians Thank you Letter

Room 10
Glenbrae School

Glen Innes

17 June 2013

The Rotarians

Dear President

Thank you so much for sponsoring us so that we can have these great books, we really appreciate it. You are very generous to give every single child in this school at least one book.

These books really helped us to improve in our reading. These book also helped us to improve in our writing and we achieved higher marks in reading and writing.

Please continue to support us. By continuing to sponsor us we will be able to read and write and much more. Also because when we are older we will need to be able to read because reading is an everyday thing.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Catapult Poem

A launcher, you were!
A departure, you have been!
A toy artillery, you are!
you slinged, my toys everywhere
And got me into trouble a lot
But you still were my favourite toy

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Wild Weather Review

Today I read a book about wild weather. It was very interesting to find out about all the different kind of wild weathers there are. I learnt the wild weather is a force of nature. Wild weather can destroy buildings and crops. It can leave a vasts area under water, or forests burn down to the ground.

Have you ever been in wild weather?

Football Recount

Today We had a lesson with our instructor Ben. We had two games of octopus. One of the skills that we learnt was how to juggle with the soccer ball. Me and Tame’e were partners both of our high scores were five. After that we played a little game of soccer, it was a tie one all. It was a really fun game I can’t wait till our next game.