Friday, 24 February 2012


LI: To write a personal Recount.
23.2.2012 Thursday
A cold damp morning I looked at my brother lying down watching television he yawns because he woke up very early. I say to him” It is time to wake up and have breakfast”.
For breakfast I had cluster crisps vanilla it was really yummy I said to my self. Know I was ready to go to school.

I open one eye and pick at my mum she does not know I am it is five in the morning she is finishing her work on my Nana's lap top. I try to scare her but I think she did know I was awake. I go outside to say bye to my mum and my Nana I wave they both wave bake.
I watch Tv until my Aunty wakes up soon we are going to school I can not wait until we go to school because we are going to do a maths test and I love maths.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

🎵 summer time rap

Summer Time

Too much darkness not enough sunshine
Too much heads not enough hats
Too much coldness not enough hotness
Too much sadness not enough happiness

Cause it's the summer time and when it's summer, it is fun fun fun.

Too much cats not enough fish
Too much Tv not enough Beach
Too much Milo not enough juice
Too much happenin 'and not enough chilltime.

Cause it's the summer time and when it's summer, it is fun fun fun.

To much and not enough (x4)

Cause it's the summer time and when it's summer, it is fun fun fun.

By Gemima and Danielle

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

📓 robber and dancing jane bee willey

Character: Bob Robber

Bob Robber is a thief he has black hair as bats and his eyes were the colure of the new moon. Bob Robber could stand so still that the spiders didn’t notice him and spun webs across his clothes.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

🔰 a name that tells a story

A name that tells a story (SJ.2 NO.3 2007)
Aurthur Matereo Tangaere
Illustrated by Elspeth Alix Batt
1A) Because the Marae is a sacred place.
2A) Because in the olden days the Marae was like a Church for Maori people and know Marae are where people have special events.
3A) Te Whanaupani and Ipa saved Te Whanaupani.
4A) All of the children should have not gone there in the first place.
5A) Because she thought Te Whanaupani was dead and she was going to give her new born baby to Ipa and his wife.
6A) When I was little me and my big sister where playing with a rope at the edge of a cliff and my sister pushed be off it and I could not swim.
7A) My mum choose my name. My mum named me after my dad.

Monday, 20 February 2012

🌱 room seven experiment

The past week Glenbrae School had a plant Experiment we all got some seeds that we had to plant. Every class room in the School got a envelope filled with some seeds we did not know what kind of seeds they were only Mrs Holderness knows.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

🌽 celery suprise reflection

Celery Surprise Reflection
Yesterday room seven had a experiment evolving celery water and blue food coloring. First we filled the jar with water and blue food coloring. After we filled the jar with water and food coloring we put one long green celery. After one night we took the celery out and we saw that there was blue spots we passed the celery to each person. We could have also put a flower in the water and food coloring

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

🎄 christmas recount

Hooray today is the 25th of December 2011. Christmas day I did not get that many presents but I did get lots of money. I guess it’s the thought that counts. Today we went to our Aunty Gina’s. We had a massive barbecue. There was chicken, steak, sausages and lots of desserts such as ice-cream, chocolate log, cheese cake and chocolate cake. At the end of the night we watched lots of movies such as Breaking Dawn, Cars 2 and Red Dog. Finally we went home after the best Christmas I have ever had.