Thursday, 26 May 2011

My inquiry picture.

What Am I?

I am one of the Earth pillars that our Earth needs to survive.

I am an invisible gas.
I help people to have electricity.
I help all living things to survive on our Earth.
I take up space.
I weigh something.

Without me, no living thing would be able to survive.
Without me, there would be no such word called Earth because no one be able to be on the Earth.

I can make it so stormy that no one would see it coming.
I can make it just a calm breeze.
I can cause a tornado so deadly and unsafe.

Can you guess what am I?

Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Danielle and welcome to my blog. I have been waiting for a while to have  my own blog and at last I have one.  I hope you will enjoy my posts.