Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Alan Duff Visit - Recount

Today we were very fortunate to have Alan Duff, a very famous author come to our school and talk to us. He asked what our dreams are, and he also talked about his book ‘Maori Heroes’. He told us how he first started the Duffy foundation, just by asking a class who might have Duffy books then bringing them back a bunch of books. Honestly, I never knew that the Duffy foundation was actually named by Alan Duff, but now that I do i’m glad because he seems like a very nice person. It also surprised me that he traveled so far just to talk to us, and tell us some of his life experience, but again i’m glad he did. I hope to meet him again!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Waitangi - Questions and Answers

What do you think about Keiran’s opinion?

I think Kerain has a great point of view, I also think he’s right. Why can’t we have more celebrating? instead of all the dramatic arguments we have, we have 364 other days that we can argue. Why can’t we just have a barbeque and say all the good things about our county? For example, we’re the only county to get our land back, and aren't fully ruled by the queen.
What does Waitangi Day mean to you or your family?
Waitangi is just another day away from school, or work for our family. We don’t celebrate or anything for some reason, never did when I think about it. It’s kind of just a break away from everything, a lazy day.
What groups do you think benefit from Waitangi Day?
People who need a break from work, or the native people of New Zealand.
How do you think New Zealanders could do more to celebrate Waitangi Day?
They could have a big function where everyone comes, children and adults could have a great time. Or they could have a break from all the arguing about how the agreement wasn't thought about, and actually have break.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Water Fun Day: Recount

On Friday, 7th February, Glenbrae school had a water fun day from 9:00 am until 11:00. All around the school, students were wearing house colors yellow, green, red, and blue. There were six activities that we had to participate in - the obstacle race,  the water slide, through the leg, zig-zag, walk the plank and three arm race. Students in the same house color cheered for the person who was running to the center of the court, where the four bins that we had to feel with either the sponge, cup of milk bottle.

Determination was evident as each student ran and slide around the school, everyone was joyful as they got wet and soaked by the hose that was filling the buckets. Teachers, and students rooting for their house colors, even the students who weren't running were having a blast. The helpers housing the participants, laughing as they squirmed and squealed. Each student ecstatic, as they overcame each obstacle with a smile. We slid, zig-zagged, sprinted, and splashed around cheerfully, some fell but they got back up and kept on going.

The last whistle blew, and everyone dropped what they were doing and ran to the court and sat in their house lines. Stressing moments passed, as everyone waited for the results, Mrs Parker-Tofa measured how much water was in each bin and then walked to the front us all. “In fourth place, we have Kowhai. And in third place is Nikau” she said, we all waited impatiently as she spoke. “And in first place, we have a tie. Rata and Kauri win, it’s a tie” Rata and Kauri cheered, and high fived each other happily. Kowhai and Nikau weren't that far behind. Good luck next time.

Explanation: Socially Responsible Person

Explain what it takes to be a socially responsible person in our community.

To be a socially responsible person in our community, you have to not only be responsible for yourself but everyone and thing around you. You should treat others, the way you would want to be treated. Also by being a socially responsible person to your community, you should help others if they are ever in need of help. But first you must be responsible of yourself, by doing that you should do the right things at the right time.

You should be a role model to your peers, by showing respect to others, and admitting when you have made a mistake and apologize, participate in community functions, and contribute to what they can. Everyone can be responsible if they want, but it means that you have to be more responsible and helpful than others, and hopefully they will follow your actions and behavior. If you encourage your friends and peers to behave, and be responsible, and if they don’t listen then be an example.

How Do I Get To School In The Morning?

Title: How do I get to school in the morning?

Every day I walk to school with my brother and sister, it usually takes me about 10-15 minutes.
Therefore I have to leave at 8:30, so that i’m not late in case I take longer than expected.

First you turn left out of the driveway, make sure you walk on the footpath. Then you turn left again when you come to the two silver bars where you walk curve around them. After that you walk down the slightly steep path, passing the short wired fence and the rose bushes. When you get to the bottom you will see a small creek, keep walking straight till you come to the middle of the four foot paths.

Turn right where you walk straight, passing trees, bushes and the high wired fence where behind is the school. The path is a bit bumpy so you walk up and down the small hills, keep walking straight. You should pass the school senior playground and junior playground. Next walk through the two green bars where you again, curve through them. Turn left yet again and walk straight pacing the black metal fence, and the few trees. Walk on the footpath and turn left into the gates of the school.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Helmets Save Lives: Thinking Beyond

Analysis: What are some of the problems of encouraging children to wear cycling helmets?
Some children don’t listen, and some children copy other riders who might not wear helmets. They are influenced by older children who do not wear helmets. They persuade their parents that they will be fine without a helmet and they don’t need one.

Synthesis: Create a new sport or game which would require the use of bicycles.
Bike Croquet, in this game you must have a helmet to play and a bike. You will also need a croquet set, to play you have to ride your bike and then hit the ball trying to aim it through the hole.

Evaluation: Whose responsibility do you think it should be to ensure that an eight year old child wears a cycling helmet every time he or she gets on the bike?

Parents should always make sure that children wear helmets, or older brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Water Fun Day

There were six activities planned for us all - the water slide, the hurdles, through the leg, walk the plank, zig-zag and the three arm races.  We had to complete each race and then fill the house colour bins that were in the centre of the court, with the water we had either in a sponge, cup or milk bottle. We all had a lot of fun. We got wet, we competed fairly and did our best for our houses. After the last whistle we gathered ourselves on the court and waited for our results. Stressing moments past, we finally found out that Rata (red) House and Kauri (green) house came first. It was a tie. Kowhai (yellow) and Nikau (blue) houses did not do as well as the houses that came first. Better luck next time.

Danielle & Hannah
Room 10