Thursday, 29 May 2014

- temperature quiz

Today I did a quiz about temperatures, I got 100% on each quiz. But I still have much to learn.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

🌊 long bay trip

The wind rustled through the brush of the forest, blowing our hair, giving some, goose bumps. The faint sound of the ocean sung as we scanned the radiant view. A few shivered, while some blindly walked across the green, grassy surface of the ground of Long Bay.

I surveyed my surroundings before sitting down on the cold ground, others either sat on the provided picnic tables, or stood not wanting to sit. Quickly we were put into lines, before disappearing into the trees to do our activities.

Silence surrounded the area, only a few chirps from nearby birds, and mumbling from our group. Sarah quietly spoke to us about the lake-like part of the beach, that we stood before. She said to look for items that didn’t seem to ‘belong’ at the beach, we found a few pieces of rubbish. We then ventured to the rock pool, where water tackled the rock ledge and a sense of adventure surged everyone. We filled our treys with creatures, then talked about them.

After eating our packed lunches, we then trudged back down to the beach. With open eyes we searched for dead creatures, yeah, for some reason we had to find dead fish. I kinda forget why. We found a massive, translucent jelly fish. It looked similar to gigantic blob of jelly, but not as appetizing.

We then did a little quiz, with some active questions that had us laughing. Not soon after we began departing from the tree enclosed area back to the road. Finally after a fairly loud bus rise, we arrived back to school.

My favourite part of the day was when we were able to wander around the windy, rock pool. I learnt a lot about marine animals, and it was really fun.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

💣 war, lives, and loss

war is the definition of conflict
it starts of in a disagreement
then ends with a lot of pain inflicted
but why couldn't we come to an agreement ?
before this tragedy
before people started losing their family

the soldiers who put down their lives
and probably left their wives
the blood of many shedded
as they fought and protected
and for those who are killed

all war means is peace

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

🏃 loopy people - reflection

Yesterday on Monday we -room 10 and I- had to finish our loopy people -which are miniature versions of ourselves made out of paper- but, I sadly just started. But no need to fret, after what seemed forever of trying not to talk, I actually finished. But I have no picture to prove this statement because me being me accidentally deleted it -and everything else in my folders-, sooooo you'll have to just believe me......

It was easy to glue the pieces together.
It was hard to measure the pieces of paper.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

🌿 survival in the wild - presentaion

Today Anamanu and I presented a power point presentation about our inquiry question, and now i'd like to share it with you. At the end there will be a few questions, so read carefully, and maybe if you want you can comment your answers.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

🔥 in flanders field

Task 1: Learn
  1. What kind of a poem is ‘In Flanders Field’?
It’s non-fiction, it has verses, and it also rhymes. It also might be a randeau poem.

  1. What is a randeau? Find from the world wide web an example of a randeau.
A poem of ten or thirteen lines with only two rhymes throughout and with the opening words used twice as a refrain.

  1. When was Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae inspired to write the poem? What main event was happening then? The poem was written in 1915, and the main event during that time was the World War 1.

  1. How many years is it since WWI?
The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918 so if the question was how long since the war started it wold 100 years, but it has been 96 years since World War 1 ended.

  1. In whose honour was the poem written?
The poem was written for Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, who was killed on the 2nd of May 1915

  1. What does the reference to the red poppy symbolise? Read here
In Flanders Field you could find poppys blooming, and that is where the soldiers who died were buried. And the poppy is a symbol of remembrance.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

🍍 'feelings' about term two

Term two for me so far is like I never left, even when I think back to the holidays it feels somehow, I never left. Even with the new class set up, it feels the same. Same teachers, same technology, same students, but we do have a new student, so I guess that’s kind of different, but not by much. It’s really funny how I can spend two weeks away from a place that I spend half of my year and not miss it, well I missed it a bit, kind of.

During the holidays is like I have no purpose other than doing what I want, which is strange for me, since i’m so use to being told what to do. Anyway I guess being back at school is nice, instead of being locked in my room with my eyes glues to a screen. My mum says that i’ll probably have horrible vision when I grow up, but I just answer with a nice, short, sweet “Whatever”. That’s pretty much it, it’s only the second day of school so there’s not much to say.