Thursday, 24 October 2013

Writting Narrative

One sunny day a girl named Winter went on a family holiday with her parents old friends. They drive for about for two hours to a forest, there were two cabins one for the kids and three other for the parents.

When the other family arrive they all introduce Winter and her brother Andrew. Winter meet her best friend from when she was younger,  Scarlett who tackled Winter with a hug and they caught up. Andrew and Scarlett’s brother, who instantly become best friends.

The two families stayed at the cabins for two weeks when they left, Scarlett, Winter, Andrew and   promised to star in touch. They kept to their promise and every friday they meet at either ones house.

They were best friends for life and nothing could ever change that.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Pumping Pedals

“ Pumping Pedals” by Maggie Lilleby
SJ Part 4 Number 3 2004

1. Recall
Give a brief summary of the story.
This story is about Sally Davies how she competed in a BMX competition, she has only been racing for a few months but she already loves the sport. When she started out, Sally was helped by an experienced rider who coached her the basics.

2. Infer
What kind of a person is Sally Davies? Tell why you think this.
I think Sally Davies is a very outgoing person, even though she just started riding she was still eager to compete.

3. Evaluate
Explain why you think the author entitled the story as “Pumping Pedals”
I think that the Author named it “Pumping the Pedals” because that is a method that the racers use.

4. Think about it
Why do you think Sally would like to attract more girls to the sport of BMX racing?
I think because she has to race with boys and she would to race with girls for a change.

5. Recall
How are the bikes designed and what are they made of?
The bikes are specially designed for the sport. Top models are made of light-weight aluminium, titanium, or carbon fibre. They’re smaller than mountain bikes, with a very low saddle, so you have to stand all the time while racing. They have small wheels with thick, chunky tyres. The bikes have only one gear, so a rider’s legs spin round really fast, and there’s only one brake (at the back).

6. Think about it.
Why did Sally groan as she remembered her first racing bike?
Sally groaned at the memory because “It was a freestyle bike and so heavy, with huge tyres.”

7. Please explain the racing technique called “pumping” and why it might be important?
Sally describes a technique called “pumping”, where riders use gravity to help them go faster.

8. Do you think BMX racing is a dangerous sport. Tell why or why not you think this.
I do think that BMX racing is dangerous because you could crash into each other and get injured.

9. Synthesize
Please tell what you liked most about the story and why or why not you would like to be a BMX racer.
I really like that she still races even races even though she has to race with boys.

10. Design a flyer to attract and introduce new riders to the sport. Be sure to tell when and where it meets and what equipment is required. When you are finished please upload to your blog.

Dance Fever Session 1

On Thursday we had the privilege to participate in a dance activity called Dance Fever. Our instructors names were Captain and Christina, they were very welcoming and kind.

We had three rules that we had obliged by rule one was no talking when instructors or teachers are speaking, rule two is that we respect each other, and last but not least have fun.

The routine wasn’t that hard our instructor said we were great dancers.We learnt about several dance moves, it was really fun at the end of the session we played this game were there were two captains and what ever dance moves they did we would copy, at the end the captains would have a Dance off. The winner were the boys.

It was really fun at Dance Fever I can’t wait till our next session!