Thursday, 13 November 2014

- mmm, that's tasty

  • Your hand / Blindfold
  • Your mouth
  • Your  nose
  • A jellybean

  1. Blindfold, or cover your eyes.
  2. Block your nose.
  3. Place a jelly bean in your mouth.
  4. Record the flavour you taste.
  5. Unblock your nose.
  6. Taste again.
  7. Then record.

Observations: First, when I had my nose blocked, all that I could taste was the sugar. But when I unblocked my nose the taste changed and I could recognise the taste almost immediately, which was marshmallow.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was kind of right. Because at first all I taste was sugar, which was the main flavour (I think) and then when I unblocked my nose I could actually recognise what the real flavour was.

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